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MEET EU is hosting 8 virtual European Expert Career Panels, aiming to help young people identify and prepare themselves for transatlantic careers. Panelists include European business leaders, EU Member State Consulate and EU Delegation officials, and experts on trade and investment, digital economy, future of mobility, future of work, climate change, and research and innovation. The panelists will give advice on differences in EU and US business settings, training and language in a transatlantic workplace, and how to be successful when working in EU-US relations.

The Expert Panels will provide a look at EU businesses, EU diplomats, and EU experts for those wishing to pursue a European career. In addition to providing career advice, the panels seek to foster understanding of the EU, its economic impact, and critical issues facing the EU-US relationship.

Upcoming Panels

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Panel Recordings

April 21, 2022 | Panel: Young Professions Share Their Experiences

This panel is made up of young professionals, provides first-hand experiences from the student perspective regarding European work settings, including legal, cultural, and other human resources differences.

February 24, 2022 | Panel: EU/European Opportunities in Washington D.C.

This panel is designed to highlight European employment/internship opportunities in the private or public sectors, and diplomacy, in Washington D.C. Experts will speak about their experiences, and will advise students and alumni about the many opportunities in Washington D.C.

November 10, 2021 | Panel: Perspectives on Working with/for European Businesses

This panel is designed for students and alumni who want to work with/for European businesses.

European businesses experts will speak about their own experiences, and they will advise students about a successful career in European business and trends in the European market.


October 5, 2021 | Panel: The Nitty-Gritty of Applying for a Job in the EU/Europe; from Writing a Resume to a Successful Interview

This panel is designed for students and alumni to apply successfully for a job in the EU/Europe. European Human Resources experts and coaches advise students on how to apply for an internship/job in a European company, in Europe and in the US, and how to be successful when working in EU/US relations.

April 8, 2021 | Panel: The Role of Lifelong Learning and Languages in a Transatlantic Work Context

This panel discusses how young professionals can integrate vital language skills into transatlantic careers! Hear from diplomats, a professor, and an NGO director who use multiple languages in their everyday work.

March 4, 2021 | Panel: International Careers in European Diplomacy: European Perspectives

This panel highlights employment opportunities within European diplomacy, with representatives from the EU Delegation to the USA, the European Parliament Liaison Office in Washington D.C., consuls, and a US State Department Diplomat in Residence. Panelists speak about what their positions entail, what entry-position employment opportunities are available, and what kind of skills are needed for prospective applicants.