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MEET EU is creating a new Model EU (MEU) circuit for selected teams of 6 participants (ages 18-32) — one team each from Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. Each year 2021-22, teams will participate in the University of Pittsburgh’s MEU, the West Coast MEU in Seattle, and the Midwest MEU in Bloomington, Indiana. We are also working with BETA Europe (Bringing Europeans Together Association) to bring 12 participants per year to the MEU in Mainz, Germany.

US MEUs simulate a meeting of the European Council, while MEU Mainz simulates a full legislative session. We are creating a MEU webinar training series and mentorship activities to prepare participants. The experience will provide participants deeper familiarity with the EU’s processes. To better understand the EU, participants must understand the different roles each institution plays and how member states interact within those institutions.

Participants in the MEU circuit will not only learn about a variety of issues from a number of different local perspectives, but they will also have a greater understanding of decision-making at the European level. MEET EU staff will work with participants to create a network of “expert EU mentors” in the US. The network will work with high school students on Model EU simulations and the Euro Challenge, as well as support young adults participating in the annual Schuman Challenge.