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We are accepting submissions for the next MEET EU Short Film Competition

Application Deadline: October 1

Theme: Cultural Connections

2022 is the European Year of Youth #EYY2022, which recognizes the importance of young people in the building of a better future that is greener, more inclusive, and digital. Inspired by this, and funded by a Grant from the EU Delegation to the EU, this year’s MEET EU Short Film Competition theme asks young people to create a short film (documentary or non-documentary) responding to the theme “Cultural Connections.” The theme is intentionally broad and entrants are encouraged to be creative in how they interpret it. But all entries must respond to the theme.

What cultural connections do you make while traveling? studying abroad? in your home town? How are those connections made visible or tangible? Where do they rupture and why? What inspires you?

Who is eligible? Anyone ages 18-35 who is resident of OR currently enrolled in a college or university in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, or Florida. In addition, recent alumni (age 35 or under) of Florida International University, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, or the University of Pittsburgh (all campuses) are also eligible, regardless of residency.

Submissions should be no more than 10 minutes and entrants may be asked to explain how their short film responds to the theme. 360 video entries are eligible.


Awards & Prizes

The top submissions from each of the three states will screened at a virtual MEET EU Short Film Festival. A jury of film scholars and filmmakers will review all eligible entries to select the films for screening and to award a jury grand prize. An audience prize will also be awarded.

Prizes will not be awarded as cash.


This Competition is funded by a Getting to Know Europe Grant from the EU Delegation to the U.S. and is run in partnership by the European Studies Center at the University of Pittsburgh, the Center for European Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and the Jean Monnet Center of Excellence at Florida International University.

MEET EU: Making Encounters, Engaging Transatlanticists, is a grant generously funded by the European Union through the European Union Delegation to the US in Washington, DC. The goals of this grant are to shine a light on the EU and the importance of the transatlantic relationship through the eyes of young Americans. We encourage entrants to think creatively to give us your perspective on the European-American relationship, similarities and differences between countries, and why this relationship matters.