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“MEET EU: Making Encounters, Engaging Transatlanticists” is an initiative bringing EU-focused content to Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania via three university campuses. Centers at the UNC-Chapel Hill, Florida International University, and the University of Pittsburgh are launching a range of activities to facilitate greater understanding of the EU — a short film competition, virtual filmmakers in residence, Model EU teams, K-12 virtual reality presentations, and more. Learn about the EU’s relevance to daily life in our localities, understand how EU institutions work, and explore issues vital to current events in both the US and EU. This initiative is co-funded by the European Union through a Getting to Know Europe Grant from the EU Delegation to the US.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Model EU

Learn more about Model EU

Brussels-Lux Study Tour

Take the show on the road to Brussels!

Expert Career Panels

Hear straight from experts in EU-related careers.